• TwoFentons team

    Professional, organised, down to earth, committed to helping your business grow on-line

  • Rural business locations

    UK wide clients, many of them in very rural locations with unique business needs

  • Tourism businesses

    Scotland is a destination and our client base has a large number of hotels and restaurants

  • City centre competition

    Competition on your doorstep means you need to stand out from the crowd

  • Scotland is our home

    We live and work in the Scottish Highlands - we understand the unique business conditions

  • Social city centres

    All businesses need social media - especially when your customer is outside your front door

Your business is as important to us as our business is. Our advice, recommendations and work are based on experience, knowledge and a passion for our industry.

Why Choose Us

No Tricks or Cheats

We only use tried and trusted techniques that our experience shows can have results. We do not try to trick search engines, we do not use 'black hat' techniques, we do not fall foul of industry standards.

Project Management

We set realistic deadlines and goals. We keep in touch with you so you always know what stage a project is at. We communicate with you either by phone, email or Skype - we don't expect you to 'submit a ticket'!

No Corners Cut

We will not promise you the world and then pay a company overseas to carry out spurious work. All of our work is completed in house or using our trusted UK based sub contractors.