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Social media is something every business can do no matter how big, small or what business they are in.  If you are not getting involved then you are missing out on a free resource to get more people to your website, generate more sales or prompt more enquiries.  Oh, and your competition is already doing it!

Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIN?

There are a plethora of social media platforms, some more familiar than others - you don't have to be on all of them. What is most important is that whichever one you start with you learn to use it regularly, properly and effectively. Start with one and build up.

It's for kids!

No, it's really not. The demographic for a Facebook user is a 35 year old woman with the biggest growth coming from adults over the age of 55. So, your target market is waiting for you.

What do you mean free?

Once set up and you know what you are doing it is free. You can spend money with adverts and promotions but if you don't want to do that it really is free - hmmm but not time free. You must be able to give social media a bit of time each day.

Social Media is a highly relevant business tool and we rank it as high as good SEO these days as SEO and Social Media go hand in hand and compliment each other.  We have a couple of start up Social Media Packages to help you get started but we can always look at a more bespoke option if you need more help.  Just remember, no one else can work your social media on your behalf without any input from you - you know you business best don't you?

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