Let us guide you through the rights and wrongs of search engine optimisation

  • Website Development

    Your website is your window to the world, make sure it is relevant

  • Social Media

    Get social with your customers using Facebook, Twitter etc

  • Website Promotion

    No point having a lovely website if no one knows about it

  • Google AdWords

    Get increased targeted and relevant traffic to your website

  • Google Services

    Release the power of Google on your website for free

  • Mailchimp Newsletters

    Contact your customers regularly with good looking newsletters

  • Twofentons Training

    Targeted training specific to your requirements

  • twofentons B2B

    Offer SEO and Internet Marketing to your customers with our services

Sub contracted SEO services are perfect for website developers, designers and other industry players.  We can't all be all things to everyone and wear numerous hats, that's why we use a variety of developers and designers ourselves.  So if you would like to offer the whole package to your customers speak to us about our B2B services.

Cost effective

We can be competitive on price either charging you directly or charging the customer and giving you a % commission.

Completely flexible

If you are happy for your customers to know you are sub contracting then that's fine, if you would rather we were under the banner of your organisation that is also good - whatever way you wish to work we can fit with you.


Receive monthly reports that can be sent directly to your customer or through you - custom Google dashboard reports and rankings.

If you want to offer Search Engine Optimisation as a service within your business then speak to us about implementing this on your behalf now.  Our flexibility to work within differing business set ups is an advantage and our years of experience of providing this service to numerous companies through the UK means we can also provide recommendations.

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