Newsletters & Promotions

Keep in touch with your loyal customers by giving them a reason to come back to you again and again

Email Marketing

Your customers are loyal and will return again and again if you have provided them with a great service or product.  By keeping in touch with them through email marketing, you can offer them loyalty discounts or remind them of an upcoming promotion, or just give them the latest news.  However you do it, make sure you are complying with the GDPR laws and are not being seen as spam.

Give them a reason to opt in

Online newsletters

Using dedicated online email marketing software we can help you set up a regular newsletter to your customers, give you code to put on your website to encourage people to sign up, make sure what you send out is branded up with your company logo and colours and all in all, make you as professional as you should be!

No more sending out emails to 100 people and wondering why they are all getting upset that you’ve shared their email address with the world.  No more being blacklisted by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and no more falling foul of the GDPR laws.

Company Branding

Have a professional newsletter with your business branding, looking good and ticking all the legal antispam boxes. Keep in touch with your customers with news and offers

It's not all sell sell sell

When sending out newsletters include some newsy items that are not directly related to your business, perhaps a local even that you would like to support.  Share the local love

Step away from the attachments

Using professional online software means your readers will be able to open all attachements online rather than having to download Word documents

Reviews & Feedback

What Our Clients Say

“ their knowledge and understanding of the hospitality industry makes working with both Katie and Gavin easy and hassle free.  Being able to discuss a list of potential options with them and not having to explain every detail, made the process, for us very smooth ”

Neil Ellis

Group Manager, The Place

” Gavin & Katie at twofentons were great to deal with.  I felt they really listened to what the company needed and what image it wanted to portray and came up with some very good ideas as to how this could be incorporated into the website ”

Karen Derrick

Director, Voluntary Action in Badenoch and Strathspey

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