Google Ads PPC & Remarketing

Paying Google or Facebook to market your business is cost effective & works, as long as you have set them up properly

Pay Per Click Advertising

Be it Google or Facebook, PPC, remarketing, Ads, Boosted Posts; they all work beautifully, they bring added business to your page or website, however, it is also very easy to spend a lot of money and not know the return on your investment.  We’ll help you test and understand if paid advertising is the right thing for your business.

set it up properly and it will pay dividends

Paid Advertising

Having a budget for paid advertising is useful especially for new businesses starting completely from scratch or for more established businesses looking to take things to the next level.

However, there is no point spending a lot of money on advertising if you can’t measure the return on your investment or have the analytics and stats to back up whether it is working or not.

We can implemet proper strategic advertising, keep a daily eye on the progress and can stop or adjust when required.  We can advise on realistic budgets, help you to manage campaigns yourself, or do it all for you, the choice is yours.

Be Realistic

Its is often better to run Google Ads or Facebook boosts for 1 week a month with a higher budget than a low budget over 30 days

Vanity Traffic is not Good Traffic

If paying for Google Ads is giving you lots of traffic to your website but none of it is converting then you are paying for vanity traffic not good traffic

Is Facebook Your Target Audience?

The rise in brands using Facebook as their main marketing platform is unprecedented, but is your target audience here?

Reviews & Feedback

What Our Clients Say

“ Katie & Gavin are the most professional yet friendly company I have had the pleasure to work with.  I required a lot done to an existing site and they turned it around so fast I was spinning!  So straight forward and easy to speak to ”

Catherine Bentley

Partner, True Highlands

” My business has worked with them for a number of years, & have always been pleased with that relationship. Stuff is discussed, stuff is agreed, stuff gets done & it isn’t shrouded in mystery, doesn’t take for ever & doesn’t cost the earth! ”

Keith Ballam

Owner, Craggan Outdoors

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