We’ve been in business a loooong time.  We used to have an office in Aviemore, we built websites, SEO, Internet marketing, bookkeeping, training, word processing, brochure design, stationery design, we never saw daylight in the winter and we realised that we were spreading ourselves too thinly.  We were called Aviemore Business Solutions.  We then moved the office back to Grantown on Spey and stopped doing a lot of the business services we were offering.  We needed to rebrand.

We then took two years (yes it really took that long) for us to decide on a new name and to not fall out with each other every time one of us came up with the ‘perfect’ new name.  We got friends and family involved and then finally one bright spark (who shall remain nameless but Mr W it was you) who had been a customer of ours long before becoming a friend, reminded us that people were buying us, the two Fentons.  Ta da, scales fell from our eyes, birds starting singing, we both finally agreed on something, the domain name was available we were good to go.

In walked Dominic Bell to the scene.  Dominic and Gavin used to work together in a previous life, behind a bar, in a rather posh hotel over on the West Coast.  Clearly both of them dreamed of doing something different and luckily for us Dominic’s design skills with his business Three Black Dots gave us not only our logo and branding but he has helped countless subsequent customers with beautiful logos and corporate branding.  He has helped us move people away from clip art (aaaarrrrrgggghhhhh) convinced people not to copy well known brands but to be individual, shown customers how their logo can be split so that an icon can be used along with words, or images can be used instead of words.  Dominic now knows exactly what it is we need for websites (Google fonts!) and what we will be swearing about (non Google fonts!) and he is a valuable addition to our free lance team. 

If you don’t know where to start, are stuck in a rut like we were, need some inspiration at an affordable cost that doesn’t include sitting in a studio with someone who is too cool for skool and you just want them to shut up about vector graphics and draw you something fabulous… we know just the person!





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