Can’t work can’t earn

A difficult problem for anyone who is self employed.  Thankfully as there are two of us and a small army of sub contractors it wasn’t the end of the world when onefenton virtually took to her bed for 3 weeks.

It did make us think though, of all the advantages of self employment, there is the obvious down side of what happens when one of us gets really unwell?  Would the wheels of industry slow down or drop off completely?

The temptation is always to soldier on, work on a laptop on the sofa if you were so inclined (I wasn’t!) but does that mean you just prolong everything, or worse still not concentrate properly and make more mistakes for yourself that ultimately have to be fixed… this is what nearly happened until the otherfenton told onefenton to go away and just get better and to stop coughing, please stop coughing.

So, we don’t have the answers that’s for sure, but it has made us realise, as if we needed reminding, that none of us are indespensible, twofentons didn’t fall into the abyss, yes there is quite a bit to catch up on but not insurmountable.  On a serious note though, this time it was just a particularly bad cold bug, we have thought about what if something awful happened to one of us, and we have been proactive and organised proper insurances and assurances.  If anyone in the UK needs some no nonsense advice and help with this we know just the man and we’ll happily share his info with you.

So if you are currently battling something that is just lingering on and on, firstly go to the doctor (onefenton should but she didn’t until she was really sick and won’t hear the end of that for months to come), and secondly, take the time to get better, properly better.  Your customers will still be there when you come back and you won’t have spread your germs in the process.

Get well soon!




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