Realistic, achievable twofentons resolutions

If you are expecting to read about business goals, marketing plans and business boosting ideas, then you are in the wrong place… as if our blog was ever that professionally focussed!

When we think about business resolutions for 2020 we could read blogs, articles, cheat sheets on how we can ‘be a winner’ all over the place, but for us it is the more simple things that we need to change, and by jove we think we can you know.

Of course every business starts off the year saying how can we work smarter, how can we be more profitable, how can we get more customers, but aren’t those goals for throughout the year?  The temptation to come back in the office, sit at our desks and take off where we left was strong on Monday after a two week break from the daily routine.

We are thinking more lowly, achievable aims and goals to get us started this year.  We already know that we are honing our processes, working smarter with customers, learning new things and keeping up with current trends, that should be a given for every business.  What we are bringing to the start of 2020 is part business part personal and it is the simple things that have already made a difference:

Decluttering our office area.  We work from home, we have a dedicated room in the house which is the office so this shouldn’t be so hard should it?  Well it would appear so as over the past year the office has become a dumping ground for anything that is even remotely work related.  So it’s gone, in bin bags, through the shredder or has been put away properly.

Decluttering our online interactions.  Katie particularly was admin on what seemed to be an endless list of social media accounts.  Time to reign it in, work more efficiently on customer social accounts rather than spreading thinly on accounts where someone asked a couple of years ago if she could ‘help out’.  Yes that may seem a bit mercenary, but needs must and all that.

Decluttering our cloud storage.  We have an inordinate amount of cloud storage.  We use it all the time.  However, we have so much space we needlessly dump files in it and when we come to need something in particular we have to sift through it all to find it.  Not any more!

Processes written down.  For each customer we pretty much have the same tried and tested process.  There are only two of us in the office so communication should be good shouldn’t it?  As any other husband/wife teams will tell you sometimes communication is not all it’s cracked up to be.  By having our processes written down, we now have a definite plan to follow, a guide as to how far through a project we are, and all without a CRM or Time Management software system.  You can read my previous blog post about this here if you are so inclined.

And last, but definitely not least… we are going to be less harsh on ourselves.  Of course timescales and deadlines are important, but lets make them realistic.  Let’s leave the desk for an hour in the morning and go for a walk.  Let’s meet local friends for lunch every now and again and take longer than an hour to do it.  Let’s take an afternoon off here and there to go out and get some time away from the screen.

As any other self employed people will appreciate, just because you work from home, it doesn’t mean you work in your pjs at times that suit you, the reality is you work longer hours knowing that if you don’t work you don’t get paid.  12, 13, 14 hour days are common here in twofentons, this needs to stop, or at least be the exception rather than the rule.

2020, bring it on!  




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