Google Account Verification

by | Jun 4, 2019

Google Account Verification

Jun 4, 2019 | twoviews

In these days of heightened security and keeping your data private, it is always a good idea to enable two step verification when you have the option to do so… yes it’s a pain, but it’s less of a pain than having to re-secure your online life when someone has sneaked in!

Working with different customers each day means that we more than likely have to access their Google accounts either to set up their Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google My Business listing or to help them make the move from their current email provider over to GSuite for business.  As a rule of thumb we set everything up with the customer’s details and allowing ourselves access to what we need when this option is available.  This means that regularly, when we need to log into an account, a code is sent to the customer’s mobile phone so we always make sure they know in advance if this is going to happen and that more importantly we need that code!

This morning we had an unfortunate (and embarrassing) situation with a customer.  Trying to log into an account, couldn’t work out who’s number was the security step required.  Hummed and hawed, talked to the customer and Gavin finally gave up and said the immortal words ‘you know what, I’m just going to click call the number and hopefully it should ring in your office’.  Except it didn’t, it rang in our office, his mobile phone to be precise.  Lots of hilarity on the other end of the phone from the customer and the office full of staff who were in for the day!

So, what have we taken from this little incident?  We are going to be even more vigilant when setting up Google accounts with customers that it is definitely their details on the account and not ours!  Most importantly, by doing it this way it means that regardless of whether we are working with them or not, they will always have access to their Google accounts and won’t end up falling down the ‘Google hole’ as we call it.

These days, all of our customers are using Google and yes it can seem like we’ve all sold our souls to the Google gods, however, in our opinion it just works.  It is becoming more and more relevant that your email is not hosted on the same servers as your website, in the unlikely case of your website going offline for whatever reason, it means your email always keeps on working.  Setting up GSuite for Business is relatively straight forward, and depending on who you currently use for your email provision, it is quite possible that you can import all your emails into your new Gmail set up.  You can access your emails from your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop anywhere in the world and if there is more than one of you who checks the email account it also means you don’t lose anything if one of you downloads the email to their phone (used to happen to us all the time!).  So, if you would like to know more about how to do this or to ask us to do it for you just get in touch with Katie and she’ll step you through the process.  There are only two things you need to have:

  1.   Your username and password for your current email account
  2.  A login to the control panel for your domain name

And if you are still not sold on the switch to Google, by paying them a small fee each month for the business Gmail, it means you have a direct line to their support team 24/7 and from experience they are absolutely excellent to deal with and most issues can be resolved within one phone call.

As a final note, if you have not set up security on your Google account go to your account settings either on your phone or your desktop and click security and make sure you’re using everything that is on offer there.