Duplicate Content Woes

by | Apr 29, 2019

Duplicate Content Woes

Apr 29, 2019 | twoviews

What is duplicate content?

It’s kind of self explanatory, but basically it is either when you say the same thing over and over again on your own website, or if you’ve blatantly copied someone else’s content word for word.

Why shouldn’t I use the same content on my own website?

Apart from anything else it’s really boring for the customer viewing your website.  It’s difficult however, to talk about the same thing in several ways.  For example, you’re an accommodation provider with several rooms and all of them have an en-suite bathroom, a hair-dryer, a kettle, a fridge and posh toiletries.  There are ways around saying the same thing, it could be that the content you write for each room page mentions all the above things, but you structure the paragraph differently each time, or how about just one page mentioning the facilities that are available in all rooms and link to that page from all the other pages – internal linking is good for SEO so this is a good way to do it.

Why shouldn’t I use content from another website?

Because it’s rude, it’s wrong and it could get you into a lot of trouble.  By all means use other people’s websites as a guide, but don’t copy them word for word, they have spent hours sometimes days writing original content and there is nothing worse than discovering that someone has taken all your hard work and palmed it off as their own – believe me it’s happened to us more than once.

Why shouldn’t I use duplicate content at all?

Well Google (there are other search engines out there but we all know that the majority of us use Google) don’t like it one bit.  It’s a bit like having 3 items of clothing in front of you; all look identical but one cost £5 one cost £10 and one cost £15 but you’ve no way of knowing which one is the original.  Google also is faced with deciding was it your website that created the original content or not?  If it’s not then how does Google know whether to rank you or not?  And what about the people who’s content you’ve copied, what happens to their website rankings? The longer Google takes to make the decision the less likely you are going to rank well in their results.  

What to do about my content

Writing content for your website can feel like an onerous task, however, if you are working with a company like us, we’ll take your content and add in the relevant SEO whilst keeping the content readable, so don’t try and stuff keywords or phrases into the content.  Make it natural, don’t force it, don’t be too wordy and don’t go overly technical on us.  Yes there has to be good English, but there is no need to look for long words when a short, simple one will do.

I always advise customers to imagine they were out having a drink with a friend.  If that friend asked you to say how you started your business what would you say?  There you go, that’s your About Us page done already.  Use the same tactic across your other pages and boom, you’ve written your content.

Also remember, nothing is set in stone!  All content can be changed, tweaked, re-written entirely, it’s not a problem, just keep it original and fight the urge to copy someone else.