Template vs Bespoke

by | Sep 26, 2019

Template vs Bespoke

Sep 26, 2019 | twoviews

We build websites using WordPress.  It’s a widely used, and well known platform, that is constantly evolving and has a fabulous community behind it who can help sort any niggling issue or development conundrum we come across.  Alongside WordPress we use a page builder called Divi – an unfortunate name if you are in the UK we agree, but it has really helped our business grow as apart from some pretty intense initial coding that one Fenton does, he can then hand it over to the other Fenton (that’s me) and I can get on with adding content and images for customers.  It’s like putting together a jigsaw puzzle, confusing at the start but it all comes together by the end!

So, why the stigma attached to a ‘template’ website and the need for everyone to have a bespoke build just for them?  Not sure really, because in this wonderful world of WordPress and Divi there are some really talented designers out there who have built fabulous, easy to use, pleasing to the eye templates ready for people like me to use.

I try and describe the difference between a  template and a bespoke build to a prospective customer in the following way:


You go house hunting, you walk into a house that has all the rooms you want, in the location you desire, for the price you can afford.  The next door house is exactly the same layout however, they are not carbon copies of each other.  By changing the wall paper, putting new curtains up, a lick of paint here, your sofa there, the house now becomes yours, in your style, with your colour scheme and it is obvious to anyone who walks in the front that it is yours.

This is how a template works.  You can move the elements around, you can change the font and colour to suit your business and even though there could be 1000 other websites using the same template, this one has very much been changed to suit you and your business for an affordable price.


You go house hunting, you find the house of your dreams in the perfect location but you also know that you need to spend some money putting an extension on, or hiring an architect to make the layout work better for you, maybe a few walls are coming down and the garden is being completely landscaped.

This is a bespoke build.  The fundamentals of a website are the same as other people’s but your requirements are larger.  It may be that you want to sell products online and need a shop, or you want to showcase your work with an interactive gallery?  The possibilities are endless to make the website distinctively yours.

Whichever path you take, here at twofentons we are passionate about not selling you something you don’t need.  If a template build is going to fit your business that’s what we will recommend, if you are looking for something more bespoke and have the budget to go for this, that’s what we’ll recommend.  Most importantly, get away from the notion that a template website is not for you, there are literally a gazillion to choose from!